Let me share something that is on my mind! You can pray for this. Will not include this in our monthly newsletter!

We have a need for a vehicle in our ministry of church planting in Argentina! Our current vehicle is a VW Gol that is a small two door. It’s a 2010 model. It’s at the repair shop on a regular basis to keep it running. Things break down on it faster than I can fix them. Praying about getting a loan to purchase a vehicle that will be solid and good shape to use in the work of church planting. In the last few days have been praying for this need. So far do not have peace about getting a loan. Please pray. Here is more info about this need. https://byfaithletsgoforward.org/story-about-our-vehicle-n…/

Also another urgent need that is on my mind is to finish our house and get the kitchen cabinets- sink – the two bathrooms completely done – floor on the back part of the hose and install new windows and doors. Please pray for this need. More info on this need. https://byfaithletsgoforward.org/…/HouseNeedsinArgentina.pdf

If you answer and say that you are praying would be a big encouragement to me!

We love the Lord’s work. Would not trade it for anything. Let’s Go Forward By Faith. Reaching Argentina 🇦🇷 for Christ!