This morning I received a phone call from the Ford repair shop. They gave me the cost to fix the motor! I was shocked to hear the high numbers and the amount needed to fix the motor.

Let me go back. Just a week ago on the way home from church , after teaching in our Bible College all day, I hit a garbage bag on the road ! It was dark outside and also the bag blended into the road. When I say it I hit the brakes and still hit it. Something hard in the bag hit underneath the car between the two front wheels. This happed in the city. I continued to drive home – the car worked great 👍. I drove home and just three miles from our house as I was passing another car I heard a noise underneath and the check engine light came on plus the oil light and also the battery light came on. I pulled the car over to the side of the road immediately. The engine died and I looked underneath with a flashlight from my cell phone. I could see oil coming out of the engine underneath. It is called the oil pan or block. I called a toll truck to took me to the Ford repair shop in town.

Just today I was able to get the partial cost to repair the engine. The mechanic opened the top of the engine and found damage that needs to be fixed. The agent told me just to fix the top of the engine it will cost $5,000 US. This includes parts and labor. After they fix the top part they will repair the damage to the bottom of the motor witch will be additional expense and they do not know until they dig into it to repair the damage. So it will cost way over $5,000 to do a complete repair job.

This vehicle is a Ford Focus 2011 Diesel Engine It has over 106,000 miles on it. During this passed February I was able to get a loan and purchased this vehicle on the 20th of March. Used it just over 2 months. Payed $9.600 US.

The previous vehicle we were using is a two door VW Gol that is very small – very poor gas mileage- and had to do a lot of repairs on it to keep it running! This vehicle has been for on sale to pay off part of the loan, but have not sold it. So I plan to use this vehicle until God leads me in what direction to go as far as a Vehicle for the Ministry and Family! This VW Gol needs some work on it but my best option is to continue using this vehicle that God gave us two years back.

I just looked at the price of a Ford Focus 2014 that has 25,000 miles at a price of $10,000 👍 US. A new one base model for $17,000 US

Could you pray with me about this need. I need lots of wisdom to know in what direction to go. At the same time I’m praising the Lord that we are all safe and that we still have the two door VW Gol.

Plan to take the Ford Focus to another diesel mechanic and get a second opinion.

We will go forward by faith.
I rejoice in God’s goodness to me. God has blessed me with a good wife – a family- lots of energy to work for the Lord – and lots of partners that pray and give so we can Go Forward By Faith to reach Argentina 🇦🇷 for Christ!

May God bless you richly!
Your Friend and Partner,
Brian Roy George