November – December 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Supporters,

November is the month of the national pastors’ conference at our church. We love pastors!  Our only hope to reach Argentina for Christ is to train and work with national pastors!  Our conference this year was November 12-16. Our goal was to have 30 pastors present!

In preparation for the conference, the people at our church painted the auditorium, decorated, and gave to cover the cost of hosting the conference! The expenses included hotel bills, love offerings, food during the conference, transportation during the conference, etc. The conference was free of charge for the attendees. This year we bought a cow, and some men from the church did all the work to butcher it and store it in a freezer. This covered just one meal during the conference. We served 12 meals during the 4 days to almost 200 people!  We had very hot weather during the conference, and on Wednesday the temperature went up to 109°F.

During the night sessions, we had close to 400 present! We had 28 pastors show up for the conference!  We spoiled the pastors with boxes of Gospel tracts, bags of groceries, books, love offerings, and a special certificate of recognition.  The guest preachers were Dr. Ezequiel Salazar, Evangelist Gary Ellison, and Pastor Byron Willis. We praise the Lord for this event! During the last message, 25 surrendered to serve the Lord full-time!  We had many saved and many decisions made at the altar. Thank you for your prayers!

A great burden I have on my shoulders is the expansion of the work here in Argentina.  The church building we have is used to the max, and we cannot grow beyond 400 to 500 because of space. The Bible college facilities we have will accommodate 30 students, but we need to grow to 120 students. We need a warehouse to start a Gospel-tract- and Bible-distribution center. We also have a dream to start a ministry to the homeless and the addicted. We personally need a dependable vehicle to visit all the new churches that are being started.  Please pray for these needs.  Pray that God will work through me to increase my faith and go forward!

Thank you for your prayers and support!   May God give you a joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year!

For souls,

Brian R. George and Family