Current Needs to Fix Up – George Family

House in Tucuman – Argentina

During 2012, we were able to purchase a house out in the country about 10 miles from the city.   My Uncle Lyle Snakenberg gave us a loan to help us purchase this house.  As of September of 2016, this loan has been completely paid off.  Praise the Lord there is no debt on the house now!!


The house that we purchased was abandoned for over 30 years.   It was not in very good shape.   We had to take off the old roof all the way to the rafters and put on a new one.   We also put in all new water pipes and all new electrical installation.   The house sits on 6.5 acres of land with lots of fruit trees.  We praise the Lord for what God has given to us!


During January of 2015, we suffered an electrical spike (surge) that burned up our main AC unit – refrigerator – all the house fans – and damaged our washing machine.     All these items need to be re-emplaced.   To solution the problem we need to install a large current stabilizer to eliminate spikes.    The house that we have is less than an adequate house.  Our prayer is that we can get the needed items so we can concentrate on the work of church planting and training of national pastors!


I was able to get some council from Pastor Joe Brown our home and sending pastor.   He has asked me to send this list to our prayer warriors and supporters.   Pastor Brown wants you to pray and be aware of these needs.


This list is in US Dollars!  It cost a lot more to purchase these items in Argentina.  I had to estimate some of the prices but tried to do my research and get the price right.    It is not practical or advisable to ship these items from the US to Argentina.   You are welcome to come and help us install these items and rejoice in the Lord for the great things he has done!


New Refrigerator of a good brand!

—The great people of Faith Baptist Church – Oak Creek, WI gave $1,500!!  PTL!!

$1,800 US


Lack $300 US

AC Units – Instead of purchasing one big unit we prefer to purchase 4 window units!
AC Unit for the Living / dining Room $904 US
AC Unit for the kitchen $904 US
AC Unit for a bedroom $904 US
AC Unit for the Master Bedroom $904 US
Four Fans – one per room!  $110 Each $440 US
Need to purchase a Kitchen Stove and Oven

—This need was paid for by the great people at Faith Baptist Church – Oak Creek, WI   Thank you!!

$1,380 US
Need to Purchase a Current Stabilizer for the Entire House $588 US
Water Filters for the House

—Paid for by Mrs. Nancy Berna PTL!

$495 US
Water Pipes – New hook up to the street – for better pressure $380 US
Water Pipes – New water tank – installation – plus pipes $550 US
Sewer hole for the bathroom $600 US
Cement work on walls to finish the addition in the back $600 US
Completely finish the second bathroom –tub, tiles, toilet, sink $1,300 US
Flooring for the new back extension $1,200 US
Electrical work on the house – finish the installation $750 US
Hot water heater – Gas $770 US
Cast Iron Wood Stove for winter – used $430 US
Fence and gate for the front of the house for security $1,300 US
Purchase a kitchen sink and counter space for the kitchen $680 US
Install cupboards and shelves in the kitchen $880 US
Bay window installation-cement work and window purchase

—$1,000 given by Open Bible Baptist Church in Warsaw, IN

$1,300 US

Lack $300 US