Let’s go forward by Faith!!

Goals for Year 2019:

*Bible College – That we would average 40 students in our Bible College. Currently we have 30 students. Also that we can move our men’s dormitory to the former house of Pastor Owens. Fix up the house to house 15 students. To put the men’s dormitory in condition we need to install new water pipes and new water tank on the roof, paint the house, install new electrical wires and purchase outlets and light bulbs, purchase mattresses for 15 students, purchase 15 beds . The Bible College opens it doors for a new year the last week of March!

More goals for 2019:

* Cry of Hope for the Addicted. We have an exciting meeting every Friday night. We average 15 now in attendance. My hope for this year is to average 120 in attendance. Please pray!
* Be able to expand our jail ministry and that we will be able to go into the jail every Wednesday with 12 volunteers!
* Our National November Conference! We average close to 500 in attendance with 30 pastors present. Our goal is to have 50 pastors present this coming November!
* That we may live by Faith – prayer -and humility. Desiring revival for our lives and others!

Be able to fix up our house better. Install the floor in the back – install new windows – finish the two bathrooms- install kitchen counter – install kitchen cupboards- and purchase a new lawnmower!

Purchase a new dependable vehicle for family and ministry!

Let’s go forward by Faith to reach Argentina for Christ!

Here to serve,
Brian Roy George and Family