Ministry Needs!! The work here in Argentina is going forward! Lets pray and believe that God will supply each need!!.   By Faith, Lets Go Forward!

Please pray or consider helping with the following needs:

______ Cell Phone – Moto G or X or I phone.   Used Unlocked!

______ Digital Camera – Regular or Professional – Used

______ Print “El Evangelio” booklet.  This is a 28 page booklet fully illustrated with the plan of Salvation.  It cost close to $.33 cents each booklet.   Our goal is to print 30,000 copies.  This would be $9,900 US

_____ CD/DVD Duplicator – We are copying sermons, music, and DVD’s and distributing them throughout Argentina.   This item can be purchased in Argentina or the USA.   Purchase in Argentina $386.60 US

_____ CD/DVD Printer – Used or new!   In Argentina it cost – $1,800 US

_____ Color Printer of Church Office – HP – Here in Argentina $933 US

_____ Scanner for Office – Here in Argentina $126.60 US

______ Two Power Packs for Open Air Meetings.   The power pack includes a PA system, LCD projector, large white portable screen, solar power panels, etc. to be used for open air meetings.  Each Power Pack cost $3,000 US. Set up to provide sound for over 500 people and is very compact.  Fits into a backpack!  We urgently need this to do OPEN air meetings. Needs to be purchased in the USA and brought down to Argentina!

___X___ Digital Handheld Audio Recorder for our Radio Station.  Cost New $279.00 Praise the Lord!  This need has been met!

__X____ Wireless Microphones.  System with 4 handheld mics   Praise the Lord! This need had been met!!

___X___ Sound Amplifiers.   A 500 watts’ heavy-duty amplifier cost $469.99.   Needs to be purchased in Tucuman, Argentina. Praise the Lord!!  Purchased with funds from the work here in Argentina

___X___ 24 Channel Mackie Mixer cost $627.    Needs to be purchased in Tucuman, Argentina.   Praise the Lord!!  This need has been met!

______ Laptop Computer/Desktop for Publishing Newsletters and Tracts – Editing Documents – Web Page Production – and E-mail.  We are interested in a Mac Desktop or Mac Book Pro.  Used or New!

_______ Pastor Larry Owens and some key men at the Bible College have starting a full pledge radio station in order to preach the Gospel to the entire city of San Miguel de Tucuman.   The city has a population of 800,000 people.    We just purchased a license with all the proper permits to run a radio station for 24 hours a day.   The students and staff at the Bible College will run this.   We have already located some radio station equipment in Argentina that could be used for this station.   The cost for the equipment will be $6,000 dollars.  We have already built the tower and the radio room at the church.  Our need is to purchase some key new equipment in order to get this going!    We are praying that God will enable us to get this station going.   Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

________ Vehicle need.       Our prayer and dream has been to purchase new or almost new van that we could use in the work in Tucuman.   We recently looked into purchasing a passenger van.   It is a van that will seat 14 adults and is in excellent new condition.   The cost for this passenger van will be $48,500 dollars.  We could also purchase a used model that is no more that 5 years old for $36,000 US.   Please pray for this need!!

As our vision and faith increases the work in Argentina starts to expand into new territories.    The work in Argentina will always have many needs because the work of reaching Argentina for Christ is going forward by faith.   We would like for you to join us in prayer concerning the following needs.    All these needs are ministry needs.     If God lays upon your heart to help with one or more of these items, please let us know.   You need to praise the Lord for the great things he has done!!

By Faith, Let’s Go Forward!!

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