Radio Needs

Pastor Larry Owens and some key men at the Bible College have starting a full pledge radio station in order to preach the Gospel to the entire city of San Miguel de Tucuman. The city has a population of 800,000 people. We just purchased a license with all the proper permits to run a radio station for 24 hours a day. The students and staff at the Bible College will run this. We were able to purchase some older equipment back in 2008 and was able to get on the air for four years. We have already located some radio station equipment in Argentina that could be used for this station. The cost for the equipment will be $16,585 dollars. We have already built the tower and the radio room at the church. Our need is to purchase some key new equipment in order to get this going! We are praying that God will enable us to get this station going. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

Currently our radio station is not on the air. We have been using some old tube type equipment to send the signal out. It was costly to maintain and pay for the repairs. Our radio technician has advised us to purchase new equimpent in Argentina for our radio station. We have a potential audience of one million in the greater San Miguel de Tucuman city. Below I have a list in Spanish from my contact in Argentina that did all the research. Click the button below to see the list!


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