Additional Ministry Update 

Let’s Do It!  One Million Gospel Tracts

Events of the past months have shown us many people who are driven by false hopes.  Some hope to better their personal life by thinking about themselves and their struggles.  Others hope for a better life by changing the culture or government.   But they are looking for hope in all the wrong places.   Bible believers are the only ones who have the truth of where true hope can be found.   It Bible believers have been doing their job in the last 50 years, a lot more people would have true hope today.  But is it never too late to start!


There is a great need for more Gospel tracts. Please pray! Here in Tucuman there are close to 50 soul winners. When they go out door-to-door visiting and soul winning, they usually go out without Gospel tracts, mainly because there is a shortage of tracts. Many of the preachers out starting new churches do not have any Gospel tracts to pass out to the many thousands of people they meet every month. Can you imagine what it would be like if your church didn’t have tracts to pass out? If we were to print tracts here in Argentina, one million tracts could be distributed each year among the masses of people.   Since year 2000 we have distributed up to 11 million Gospel Tracts.   Many Gospel booklets – John and Romans – and Bibles have been distributed.

Let’s Go Forward By Faith and print up millions of Gospel Tracts and start churches!    God has given me a vision to print up and distribute One Million Gospel Tracts per year!   I would like to ask you to partner with me in order to go forward by faith and reach this goal.


My personal goal right now is to raise the funds to print one million Gospel tracts. – 100,000 Fully Illustrated Gospel Booklets (12 pages) – 10,000 Fully Illustrated “The Gospel Booklets (28 pages) – 5,000 Spanish Bibles – and thousands of John and Romans!


I’m asking you to give so we can go forward!   These will be printed and distributed in Argentina and surrounding countries!


1 Million Gospel tracts .02 cents each    $20,000 US

100,000 Fully Illustrated Gospel Booklets (12 pages) $7,000 US

10,000 Fully Illustrated “The Gospel” booklets (28 pages) $4,000 US

5,000 Spanish Bibles $2,25 cents each   $11,250 US

Shipping of boxes all over Argentina and surrounding countries $4,000 US


Thank you for praying and giving for this cause!   This is truly an eternal investment!


Here to serve,

Brian Roy George        Your missionary in Argentina for the last 24 years!


Donations can be sent to FBMI – Designated “Brian George – Gospel Tracts”

Fundamental Baptist Missions International  You can donate online

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Phone: (219) 228-2850

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