Gospel Tracts! Pray for the need to Print and Distribute ONE Million Gospel tracts per year! It cost $3 US to print 100 Full color Gospel tracts. My goal is to distribute boxes of Gospel Tracts free of charge to Pastors to distribute among the unsaved in their community! You can give $3.00 per month and with 1000 partners we can print and purchase and distribute 1,000,000 One Million Gospel Tracts! That would be just $3 US per month. We would love to see you be part of reaching Argentina 🇦🇷 and surrounded countries for Christ! For $3 that is a small affordable investment you can have a big impact for Christ! That would be $36 per year! You can do this with your own piggy bank.   Let’s Go Forward Together! Your partner reaching Argentina 🇦🇷 for Christ!